Thursday, October 18, 2012

“Be Agents of Positive Change”
… Women Cautioned

Mrs. Elmira Sellu, Regional Missionary Initiative/UMW
Facilitators at the start of a three-day women’s empowerment workshop have called on participants to be agents of positive change for the improvement of their respective communities.

Mrs. Elmira Sellu, Sis. Alfreda E. Anderson, and Ms. Beatrice Fofanah speaking briefly at the start of the three-day Regional Missionary Initiative Workshop at the S. T. Nagbe United Methodist Church in Monrovia, challenged participants at the workshop to make positive differences in their neighborhoods, communities, country, and the world at large.

Participants at the Regional Missionary Initiative Workshop
In separate remarks, the three leaders representing the General Board of Global Ministries, Liberia Annual Conference, and the Sierra Leone Annual Conference told participants at the gathering to be selfless and always think about bringing hope to the hopeless and courage to the downhearted.

Mrs. Sellu urged participants to always be in readiness to show positive attitudes, love, and a clear heart to others. She told participants to be good leaders who care about people’s feelingswhat they feel, how they feel, and why they feel that way, in a given situation.

Madam Sellu said agents of positive change are leaders who live lives with legacies that benefit others.

She maintained that any leader who fails to reproduce himself or herself is a failure, leaving behind a short positive memory but with a long-lasting negative effect on those left behind.

The workshop is now in its second day of dealing with various topics such as “women as leaders in church and society”, “women and gender”, “women and HIV/AIDS”, and “how to work with young women” among others. The workshop is filled with interactions and dramas depicting various behaviors of good leaders and servants.

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