Friday, December 31, 2010

Crossing Over: 2010 in Retrospect

Just yesterday, we were shouting "Happy New Year". In few hours time we will be shouting "Happy New Year". It seems like yesterday, but we are talking about 365 days of national life filled with challenges; governance, politics, and fiscal discipline just to name a few.
The most memorable feature of governance was the "administrative leave" declared by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the purpose of performance review. Though, many termed it as the President's way of offloading "corrupt officials", the point is that a new precedent for governance was set by the President who is used to making history.
Politically, 2011 will go down in our national history as one of the election years if all goes well. The activities leading to this major event are in record breaking proportion. One time rivals; The Unity Party (UP), The Liberia Action Party (LAP), and The Liberia Unification Party (LUP) joined forces make the 2011 General Elections "a must win" event. Contrary to this merger, other parties are still struggling for form.
Throughout the many years of her leadership, the ONLY elusive force that President Sirleaf is still struggling with is "corruption". All of the institutional measures taken has not deterred some of her cabinets from corrupt practices. It is worth mentioning all those allegedly caught in the corruption net have not been brought down guilty, except for one who challenged the guilty verdict. Some court cases are ongoing while other are declared "not guilty" to the disbelief of the Liberian people.
Judging from the above, one would ask "how we got over". The truth is Liberians are resilience people and nothing will stop them from going forward. Therefore, crossing over is just another usual event. Like 2010, the New Year (2011) will be dealt with in the context of its challenges. Are you preparing for the challenges which include the General Elections?
See you on the other side.

Monday, May 31, 2010

We need to know

Since the General Auditing Commission (GAC) started its work, there has not been any audit report that has not been challenge by the auditee. Naturally, it is difficult for any individual to accept bad news about their character no matter how true the news may be. Judging from the ongoing audit saga in the country, the outstanding question is who is telling the true, the auditors or the auditees? Or better still, is the GAC getting it all wrong?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facing 2011

We are back with new schedule of post. Monday - Corruption; Wednesday - Politics; Friday - Social issues. This time we appreciate your comments

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is Corruption Winning in Liberia?

When President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became president, she declared corruption “public enemy number one” and promised to run corruption out of the Liberian society. Five (5) years on, corruption appears more powerful than before. For example, every audit report released by the General Auditing Commission will always point out some level of misappropriation. Recently, the Ministries of Education, Finance, and Health are in the local media for the same misappropriation. Is President Sirleaf failing in her fight against corruption or are her soldiers (the ministers) stabbing her in the back. Is corruption winning the war in Liberia?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let the world know what you think

Who is responsible for the lives our young ones are living, be it good or bad?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Partnership with a Crack

The National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Liberian Media had a meeting of the minds as we move closer to the 2011 General Elections. The meeting had a notable purpose: the formation of a “collaborative partnership” between the Media and the NEC. The Commission did not hide her intension for the media’s role in this process. According to the April 8, 2010 edition of the Inquirer Newspaper, the NEC Boss, clearly stated, “the media as a partner should work with the Commission to remove those difficulties that are in the way for the holding of the 2011 elections.” As a matter of fact, one of the Commissioners’ at the meeting referred to the Media as a “major stakeholder in the electoral process.”

The Media Executives at the meeting agreed to work with NEC on a number of issues:
Re-examining of the Code of Conduct for Journalists in electoral reporting, and if need be amend the Code that was adopted in 2005.
That the NEC should not “be selective” in the distribution of its promotional materials to the media

Considering the above and from where we sit, the partnership has already cracked before it was formed. For example, NEC’s perception of the media as a “major stakeholder” has a problem. I hope NEC is not interpreting the media to be a partner without interest in the electoral process. Neither is the Media thinking that NEC in all of its wisdom will not be prudent in the distribution of its media related materials in the face of cost and institutional judgment. Moreover, of the close to twenty newspapers in this Liberia only one, that is, if it is published on given day belongs to the Liberian Government (The New Liberia Newspaper). The same is true about the electronic media. The Liberia Broadcasting Station (LBS) is the only government station. So you see where the Crack is in this partnership; NEC a referee without interest, the media a referee with commercial interest. The person who pays highest takes the day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is in this for us?

The political players are moving, acting, talking without taking into account the time, activities, and the understanding of the participants (the people). Since the “threshold bill” discussion was introduced, not too many Liberians including myself and especially the grass root voters understand what we stand to gain from it all. For example, I am from Grand Kru County and for all that I know the presence of two representatives and two senators did not change anything about the status of the county or at least not dramatically, if I may add. Yet the noise about “threshold bill” seems like a magic wand that will make Liberia glow or better still that will make the counties spring to prosperity. According to the April 6, 2010 edition of the New Democrat, Grand Kru will lose one seat, while Montserrado gain seven seats that is, if the threshold is put at 54,000. The real truth is that no one will want to drop from this lofty mountain after spending six years. So the argument that “you can move the threshold to 54,000, but let us keep our seats is understandable. However, the other argument that we need to increase the current legislature to whatever number is the turning point of the debate. The National Legislature and the Executive are not telling us what we need to know. What is in this for us?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is 2011 to you? A change of government or a change in our living condition

The household word in town now is 2011. For many Liberians it means General Elections. For those in government circle, it is the operating language around which every interaction must take place. Right now at the National Legislature the “threshold bill” hinges on 2011. Is the ordinary Liberian understanding what is going on now and the benefits that he or she will get long after the decision is made. What is 2011 to you? A change of government or a change in our living condition

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who do we want? The Supporter or The Chief Perpetrator

Few months ago, the pronouncement by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to contest for the presidency in 2011 was viewed by many as an affront to the National Legislature and an abuse of power by the President. While the debate was going on, the Honorable Prince Y. Johnson declared that he was going to contest the 2011 General Elections. Both individuals were highlighted by the TRC Report in various categories; President Sirleaf, 30 years ban from public office for her support and role in the conflict, and Prince Y. Johnson, as a notorious perpetrator in the conflict. Yet both of them have declared their intension for the highest office in the land; one of the two is already in the office, the other one is a Senator. Who do we want? The Supporter or The Chief Perpetrator

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Julu is the Greatest!!!!

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