Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is in this for us?

The political players are moving, acting, talking without taking into account the time, activities, and the understanding of the participants (the people). Since the “threshold bill” discussion was introduced, not too many Liberians including myself and especially the grass root voters understand what we stand to gain from it all. For example, I am from Grand Kru County and for all that I know the presence of two representatives and two senators did not change anything about the status of the county or at least not dramatically, if I may add. Yet the noise about “threshold bill” seems like a magic wand that will make Liberia glow or better still that will make the counties spring to prosperity. According to the April 6, 2010 edition of the New Democrat, Grand Kru will lose one seat, while Montserrado gain seven seats that is, if the threshold is put at 54,000. The real truth is that no one will want to drop from this lofty mountain after spending six years. So the argument that “you can move the threshold to 54,000, but let us keep our seats is understandable. However, the other argument that we need to increase the current legislature to whatever number is the turning point of the debate. The National Legislature and the Executive are not telling us what we need to know. What is in this for us?

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