Sunday, July 17, 2011

Philip A. Sandi out of LCC

At the 26th Session of the General Assembly of the Liberia Council of Churches, held at the St. Stephens Episcopal Church, matters surrounding the continuous utterances, emails and publications both local and international, against the LCC and its leadership by Reverend Philip A. Sandi were fully discussed.
The General Assembly, the highest decision-making body of the LCC, realizing that these negative utterances, emails and publications have the propensity to defame and question the credibility of the Council and its membership as well as its leaders decided that in order to prevent and curtail the re-occurrence of this destructive behavior, protect the long-standing integrity and credibility of the Council and its leadership, provide healing within its membership, provide clarity to its local and international partners and the general public, and finally, bring closure to this regrettable episode; the following decisions have been taken:
1. That Reverend Philip Sandi is immediately expelled from the Liberia Council of Churches for destructive and offensive behavior willfully violating the “shared conviction of faith” of the LCC.
2. In as much as Reverend Philip Sandi is a member of the Christian Media Center, a Fraternal Member of the LCC, and has consistently presented these inflammatory utterances, emails and publications using the name of the Christian Media Center; the Christian Media Center is called upon to publically dissociate itself from the actions of Reverend Philip Sandi within 30 days upon certified receipt of communication from the 26th General Assembly
3. In as much as Reverend Philip Sandi is an ordained minister of the Don Stewart Christ Pentecostal Church, a Full Member of the LCC, and was a recommended candidate from said Church for the position of General Secretary; the Don Stewart Christ Pentecostal Church is called upon to accept the decision of the Executive Committee taken on February 23, 2011 and ratified by the 26th General Assembly and publicly dissociate itself from the action of Reverend Philip Sandi within 30 days upon certified receipt of communication from said Assembly.
4. That member Churches and Organizations of the LCC reserve the right to proceed with appropriate legal action in defense of their reputation and that of their leaders in such instances.
The Liberia Council of Churches wishes to assure the Liberian people, the general public and all of its friends, partners locally and internationally of its commitment to continue to be the voice for the voiceless and an advocate for justice in our beloved country. The LCC remains united as it continues to work within ecumenical collaboration with other Churches and Organizations striving to uphold the core values for which it was formed.
This represents the Council’s official and final statement on this matter.
Rt. Reverend David R. Daniels, Jr. President On behalf of the 26th General Assembly, LCC July 16, 2011

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